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May 17 2014


Post-workout Refueling: Now Or Later?

So, how do you find the right balance point between fueling enough and not enough (or too much)? Much has been made over the past few years about the importance of nutrient timingwhich most of the time is interpreted as fueling immediately (or at least as soon as possible) following a bout of training. The general idea here is that your body is better able to replenish muscle and liver glycogen stores if you consume a blend of carbs/protein as soon as possible following exercise (for a variety of metabolic reasons including Max Workouts pdf blood flow, enzyme activity, etc). True enoughbut do you really need to be doing that? If your main more.. objective is to fully restore glycogen levels for another high-intensity workout later in the day or the following day, then maybe you do need to fuel right away. If, however, youre like most non-professional endurance athletes, and your main objective is to maximize weight/fat loss (to enhance performance later in the season), then the answer might be that you should not be fueling immediately after exercise. RELATED:The Rules Of Recovery This recommendation goes against a great deal of what many age-groupers hold as common knowledge. Youve been taught to slurp a carb gel before, sip a carb beverage during, and chug a carb/protein shake after your workouts. In doing so, youre certainly enhancing your replenishment of glycogenbut youre also reducing your bodys ability to burn fat and your ability to achieve your optimal race weight.
More http://triathlete-europe.competitor.com/2014/05/16/post-workout-refueling-now-or-later

February 18 2014


Kinsler Adjusts Winter Workouts To Ready For New Club

"I thought that was the locker room, to be honest with you." It's hard to blame Kinsler for being a little lost. Sunday was his first "first day" since 2003. After 11 Max Workouts review years in the Rangers' organization, the Tigers' new second baseman said he was "ecstatic" to get a fresh start this Spring Training. "I honestly couldn't be more excited," Kinsler said. "To come to a club like this and a team that's been right there for many years in a row is a great change. "To leave behind what I know as far as the ins and outs of the whole organization is honestly refreshing.
More http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/det/second-baseman-ian-kinsler-adjusts-winter-workouts-to-ready-for-detroit-tigers?ymd=20140216&content_id=67836750

February 10 2014


Ptpower.com Shows Personal Trainers Starting A Fitness Business 4 Unconventional Ways To Build Client Culture

Be sure to let your DJ http://journals.fotki.com/raymundontzn/my-blog/entry/sqsssrrqqfdwr/ know what kind of music youre looking for so you know what to expect when they arrive. You could try and offer the DJ review a couple of free personal training sessions. 2. Bring in a post-workout snack once a week. Your clients will appreciate the gesture and it will start to look forward to it. Bring in a veggie tray or get creative and bake your own protein bars or cookies. 3. Keep the energy high and the workouts fresh. No one wants to keep doing the same workout over and over again, especially if they have a boring personal trainer training them.
Source: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2014/02/09/ptpowercom-shows-personal-trainers-starting-fitness-business-4-unconventional-ways-build-

January 30 2014


welcome to my web blog

welcome to my online journey
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